Week 3 – Here is your gift :-)

Week 3 of the Quick Start Challenge has been more challenging than I expected, especially since I had already done the “homework” in week 2 when I had put up a subscription link at the bottom of the page (not very handsome, but still, it was there) and I had told in the video what the gift would be to sent those who subscribed. And then time started running, so that we are again on Tuesday and I’m again rushing to finish eveything at the last minute.

The gift

Maries_5-Headers_2014The gift you will get as a new subscriber is a set of five (5) headers made from photos I took, accompanied with matching buttons (3, from 100 to 200 px wide), banners (4, from 250 to 500 px wide) and bullets (2 sizes), plus a favicon. The last bundle actually offers 3 headers (one with the full image, one with the top half and one with the bottom half).

All files are in .psd so that you can add your logo and name in layers. Headers are included in jpg format too for immediate use. They are 1200 pixels wide.


You might be interested to know that those pictures have not been photoshopped. Not even the stars in the water. They have been cropped to frame, of course, but there is no special effects of any kind in them.





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7 Responses to Week 3 – Here is your gift :-)

  1. Jerry Waxman says:

    Hello, Marie;
    Very amusing tagline.
    And you have a page titled “Many Maries.”

    I was hoping to see examples of the photos you talked about right on the blog post. It would help encourage visitors to sign up to your email list.

    Keep things happening.

    • Marie Di says:

      Thanks Jerry!
      I’m glad you noticed the tagline (your the first!) and liked it.
      There is a thumbnail of the header pictures right in the article… I will also put up a site with only my pictures (and link it to mariesweb.com), but life and my clients had priority over this in the last 3 weeks… Let’s just say QSC is great but the timing could’ve been better in my case. If you subscribe, I’ll let every subscriber know when I put up the sites as my project progresses..
      I’ll be visiting your blog as soon as I can take a breather!

  2. Doug says:

    Good job on getting week 3 done, one week to go

  3. Bob Moore says:


    Congratulations to you for taking action and getting your site looking good. Even though the challenge is officially over as I write this, just make sure you continue to take action and move forward.

    I’ve met so many wonderful people as a result of this challenge, and I sincerely hope those communications continue.

    Best of luck in your future ventures. May you achieve all that you set out to do.

    • Marie Di says:

      Hi Bob!
      Thanks for your wishes. Back at you (like Ellen D. says LOL). You are right to say we’ve met very nice people in the challenge, and it’s not over. I’m not finished blog-hopping 🙂

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