Webinars for the rest of us

Webinar Fusion Pro – for the rest of us!

I recently bought Webinar Fusion Pro. I call it “Webinars for the rest of us” – remember? that was one of Apple’s slogan about Macintosh: computers for the rest of us – meaning, you could “drive” a Mac without knowing code at all. In 1984, that was quite a feat!

Today, everyone has a computer: on their desktop, in the palm of their hands and sooner on their wrist, with the Apple Watch. We’re all connected world-wide and we can have clients all over the world without ever leaving our chair. But up until now, to be able to do professional Webinars and use that techology professionally, you had to have lots of money, because it’s important to have a reliable platform and reliable platforms were quite expensive.

Quality and a full range of webinar functionalities

Untill now. Now, it’s all changed. That’s why I bought Webinar Fusion Pro, Enterprise version. (Yes, there are OTO’s, of course! This is Internet Marketing…)

Of course I haven’t had time to experiment with it fully, but I feel confident enough to recommend it. If you want to give a course, for free or getting paid for it, if you want to sell a product and explain it fully, it will be a great help. Especially since you can have replays and customize the playbacks to maximize sales – that means you can give the course over and over again, being paid every time, when in fact you give it once and then run the playback – you only need to be there to simply answer questions at the end, if you like.

So I suggest you take the time to look at it and study the sales page too (I do that all the time – it really is worth the effort), read the list of features and advantages. My guess is, you’ll do like me: you won’t resist! Here is the link.

Yes, that’s an affiliate link. If you buy, I will profit. But here is why I bought it: One of the reasons I never wanted to become an actor, back in my youth, was that I knew I’d become awfully bored repeating the same text every night. Same goes with Webinars. I was always reluctant to take that route because I couldn’t picture myself repeating the same stuff without getting completely bored. I have been on webinars where the host is so bored about his content that he rushes you through it like there is no tomorrow. It’s no fun. But Webinar Fusion Pro solved that problem for me, at a price I could afford.

I hope it does the same for you.

Be wise, Be daring, let me know what you did!

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