My IM Web

Among the projects I had and have yet to implement was a website called “My IM web” or

That website is meant as a place where I share what I’ve learned in Internet Marketing in the last few years, and also a place where I give access to (by giving and selling) a lot of content I’ve acquired over the years with resell rights. To this I add a little bit of content I sell as an affiliate (a model I don’t use too much, for some reason).

So I’ve been lazy and the site isn’t up yet, and now there is a launch I believe would benefit many of you. So I’ve decided to put it up here.

The Launch Bible

Yes, it’s an affiliate link and if you buy something through my link, I will benefit financially. No, I’m not telling you you should buy this at all costs. Yes, I’m telling you: this is a product by Alex Jeffreys. I’ve been coached by Alex and he is genuinely working to help people progress in their online business.

So if you know you want to launch a product, a website or a book or ebook in any foreseable future, maybe you should consider acquiring his brand new Launch Bible 2.0.

See, I’m sparing you the hype, the already-made-sales-pages, all of that. I’ll just give you the visual so you recognize you’re in the right place. Here it is:
The Launch BibleThat will take you to a sales page, some of it a bit too hyped-up for my own taste, but Alex delivers content VERY generously, so I know you’ll get a lot for your money.

It’s a dimesale (at $7.37 at the time of this writing) and there are OTOs (one-time offers).

I can’t decide for you if this is for you, all I can say is Alex Jeffreys, even if you don’t like his style or his hype, is a highly ethical marketer and he provides valuable content very generously. So there you go! Here is the link again: The Launch Bible 2.0 by Alex Jeffreys.


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5 Responses to My IM Web

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Marie, good to see the revival of this site. It’s always good to start somewhere. I am still learning everyday. Keep going 🙂

  2. Hello Marie,

    Good to see that you are one of the few QSC2 people still keeping a blog going. I’m on QSC3 but the previous blogroll has ben posted and this is one of the blogs on it. I love your casual – “Here’s a good product, go take a look’ approach. Definitely the softest of soft sells.

    Hope you’re keeping up the success regimen,


    Steven Lucas

    • Marie Di says:

      Hi Steven, I must admit I have neglected it quite a bit. QSC3 is a good reason to get back on track 🙂

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