Many Maries

My friends sometimes think there are many Marie’s in this body. That’s because I’m curious about everything, from car mechanics to cell biology to fine arts, to energy healing, etc.. Let me reassure you right now: I don’t have multiple personnalities syndrom LOL!

If you know Barbara Sher, you’ll know what I mean when I say that in her terminology, i’m a “scanner”: a person with a somewhat “universal mind”, interested in everything, and a fast learner. This website is my attempt to try and share all of my interests in one place.

Lets just start for now with a non-exhaustive list of those interests – things I’ve been learning, doing, and in many cases earning a living with:

Certified translator (English to French) and I specialize in Philosophy, Psychology Humanities, Medical, Pharmaceuticals and Natural Products. I’ve translated a few books, among which Cosmic Consciousness (R.M. Bucke), A Brief History of Everything (K.Wilber) and a few others I’ll let you discover later on 🙂

Professional copywriter (in French, for the Quebec market) with in-agency experience.

Journalist-columnist for various magazines in Quebec (self-employment, work-at-home, new age, philosophy, business, etc.)

Believer in the cooperative model for work and business. I founded one solidarity cooperative in my village (general store and gas station).

I’m sort of a specialist or reference in self-employment.Self-employed since 1992, I’ve presided the Self-Employed Network (Réseau des travailleurs indépendants – RTI) in Montreal and been a spokesperson for that massively emerging shift in the workplace back in the early 1990s.

Actively volunteering in my community in many respects, and every Christmas, I’m Santa’s secret shopper for all the gifts our municipality gives each year at the children’s Christmas party (that’s around 100 gifts each year – yes, I LOVE shopping!)

Published many corporate newsletters for clients over the year, and now I’m producing and publishing my municipality’s official bulletin 3-4 times a year.

Very close, in my heart, to the native people, so every two weeks I go to a Women’s Drum Circle. I have a Wesak Ceremony at my place once in a while, and I’m part of a Medicine Women’s Circle.

I’m a healer and shaman. I do remote healing and I teach it too. I also teach Quantum Reinformation Technique (awa Reprogramming Kinesiology) and energy techniques.

Finally, I’m a photographer, I do stained glass (not that much anymore though), I’m an incorrigible mineralogist (which means at your place I’m likely to spend a lot of time looking intensely at the ground LOL! ). I paint too.

I bought my first Macintosh back in 1984 and paid $3,500 for it (the 128k B&W all-in-one-box first Mac of all times).

I’m a webmaster for friends and a few clients (started way before wordpress existed, with html coding). Today I’m a hosting reseller and I still do websites – only I neglect mine, of course!

I published a poetry book in 1979 and it sold out.

I have about 2,000 books at home, a scary number of anatomy and biology books, a great number of dictionaries of all kinds on all kinds of subjects, many geography books and maps too, sacred books from many major faiths on planet Earth (Bibles, Quran, Talmud, Zohar, Mahabaratta, Tao, Sutras, Book of Mormon, Book of the Dead, Rig Veda, Popol Vuh, etc.

Oh! and I also have all of Harry Potter’s books and DVD’s 🙂

Finally – did you think I had forgotten? I’ve been learning-lurking-getting-information-overloaded-ing in Internet Marketing for a few years now.

There are probably other things I should mention here but I guess that’s enough for now, I’m sure you got the picture.