Have you met Kevin Fahey?

Kevin Fahey is what one could call a seasoned Internet marketer who is in the habit of systematically over-delivering very high-quality products.

I first discovered his fast-paced British accent when I became a member of his IM-VIP-Training program and fell in love with how he does things, how he is always offering well thought out products and clear and detailed trainings, without ever boasting about himself (that’s a great plus, to me!).

Last week, Kevin provided me with advanced access to his brand new Consistent Sales System – I say “advanced access” because as a lifetime member if IM-VIP Training, I get all the products for free now.

Well, I was flabberghasted. So much so that I gave him a testimonial (that’s why you’ll see me on the sales page!), and I meant every word of it.

Everything Kevin does is really outstanding quality, and this one is really exceptional.

So, who is this for?

It’s for you if you have a product (whatever kind) that you sell online, that you launched and that is now¬† more or less dormant and you don’t know how to revive it.

It’s for you if you have adopted the “product launch” way of doing Internet marketing and you’re a little tired of that model.

It’s for you if you are starting up (or even just considering starting up) selling stuff online or doing Internet marketing, because it will broaden your perspective and you might find that yes, you can do this and it will be easier than you thought.

And if the British accent scares you, don’t worry. A pdf complements de video trainings so you won’t miss anything.

If you’ve read this far, I guess it means you are interested, so here is my affiliate link to Consistent Sales System (yes, it means I’ll make money when you buy, but don’t worry, the price is the same for you, whether you buy from an affiliate or not.)

Important notice: You should understand that all links in this post are likely to be affiliate links, meaning if you buy from those links, I will likely get paid a compensation, fee or commission – which does NOT raise the price of the product or service for you. This being said, I give you my word I will never promote products I haven’t personally reviewed and deemed valuable.

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