About… Me!


I’m Marie.

Actually, my first name is Marie-Andree (impossible to pronounce in English) and my last name is Dionne (pronounced like “Dion” in “Celine Dion”). But the full name is hard to pronounce in many languages and to tell you the truth, it takes forever to write (19 letters total). Marie Di is shorter and I’ve been using it for a while online.

I live in Canada, Quebec Province, and to be more precise, in the Laurentians, a mountain area with too many lakes to count, in a small rural municipality made of 3 villages counting around 550 people in each in the winter (more like 1,200 each in the summer. I have a house by a small river (a brook really in the summer) and my permanent guests are deer and wild turkeys, along with snapping turtles and of course groundhogs.

Although I live only 96 km (60 miles) from Montreal, I have to pay huge fees to get high speed internet through a satellite connection… which means it’s not all that speedy with the latency time (time for the signal to go from your dish to the satellite and back down to the ISP’s server, back and forth)… for that reason, I’m no Skype fan.

I have many interests in life and this website is my attempt to share them all – or most of them – with you and let you choose what it is that speaks to your heart and passions. You’ll learn a bit more about that in Many Maries.

Other than that, I’m 57, which means:

  • when I was in High School and some of my friends were dabbing into “computers”, we all thought they were crazy geeks wasting their time – which is about the time Jobs and Wozniak were preparing the Mac and Gates was cooking Microsoft;
  • I’ve actually learned DOS and later MS-DOS in order to operate our computers at work (althoughI’ve long forgotten most of it now);
  • I know for a fact Windows is a copy of the Mac Interface because I was there when it happened and my generation witnessed the epic Apple-Microsoft lawsuit that ended with the legal recognition of the copyrightability of “look and feel” – a landmark in legal and copyright history
  • I’ve been  BBS Sysop before the Internet was widespread because… the Internet wasn’t widespread – and if you don’t know what a BBS it’s okay 🙂