A gift this morning

This morning, I received a gift from someone whose newsletter I subscribed to because I bought some of his products previously. For once, the “gift” was completely free, and I can pass it on!  Yes, you read this right! I can pass it on.

What is it?  A one-year free subscription to an online squeeze-page builder (value is $47/month).

Where is it?  Here  Just use coupon code fq-kpG33h and you will be granted a free one year subscription.

Yes, this is an affiliate link and I will benefit from it. I will not receive money, I will receive upgrades on my affiliation. But you know what? When you register, you will be granted an affiliate link and coupon code too that you can share with your friends/list/contacts.

When I registered this morning, I was not shown any upsell. Nothing to buy. However, I haven’t tried the product yet, but a quick look around the website shows it’s pretty promising!

Enjoy!  Here is the link again, and the coupon code: fq-kpG33h

Have a great day!


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  1. Marie Di says:

    Thank you!

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